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Injury Illness and Prevention Program (IIPP/I2P2)

Safety programs have proven to be effective ways to remove hazards and prevent injuries and illnesses in workplaces. The Cal/OSHA Injury Illness and Prevention Program (IIPP) is expected to be adopted by Fed OSHA as the I2P2 program. The main points of the program are:

Management Leadership
including items such as establishing a policy, setting goals, planning and allocating resources, and assigning and communicating roles and responsibilities.

Employee Participation
Including items such as involving employees in establishing, maintaining and evaluating the program, employee access to safety and health information, and employee role in incident investigations.

Learn more about the Cal/OSHA IIPP

Model IIPP (PDF)

UCLA IIPP Template (pdf)

Checklist evaluation (PDF)

investigation report form (PDF)

Hazard Identification and Assessment
Including items such as what hazards must be identified, information gathering, workplace inspections, incident investigations, hazards associated with changes in the workplace, emergency hazards, hazard assessment and prioritization, and hazard identification tools.

Hazard Prevention and Control
Including items such as what hazards must be controlled, hazard control priorities, and the effectiveness of the controls.

Education and Training
Including items such as content of training, relationship to other OSHA training requirements, and perioioc training.

Program Evaluation and Improvement
Including items such as monitoring performance, correcting program deficiencies, and improving program performance.